Alexa King


(American, b. 1952)

Born in Muncie, Indiana in 1952, Alexa King came to her art at an early age. Beginning with study at the Art Students League in Indianapolis, Alexa found her lifelong métier.  Influenced by her mother’s own technical artistic talents and reinforced by her father’s skills in crafting structures, Alexa developed an eye for form and dynamism which she expressed through drawings, pastels and oils. 
When her family moved to Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana, with her father’s appointment as Post Commander, she connected immediately and fundamentally with the vastness of the natural world around her. Here, Alexa developed her keen observation of nature as well as a love for the horse as both theme and passion. This carried her creations to another level in her artistry.
Later, while studying studio art at Ball State University in Indiana, Alexa discovered the power of three dimensional forms in a life modeling class. Alexa mastered the of expression from clay to bronze.  She quickly had her first one woman show at the Morris Douglas Fine Arts and Phippen O’Brien Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. Immediately afterwards she was commissioned to portray the “Pony Express” series for the Nelson Rockefeller Collections, New York City. 
In over 30 years in the medium, Alexa has broadened the scope, scale, and expression of her bronze sculpture with such pieces as “Red October”, “The Orangutan and Baby”, “Kalahari”, and “Leap of Faith”. Her pieces are in major collections throughout the world and have been auctioned through Christie’s Important Sporting Art Auction, among others. Alexa's 18 years of representation by Cross Gate Gallery has opened a world of sporting art for Alexa’s creative touch.
Most recently, the Barbaro Memorial Sculpture is the culmination of a life time of studying movement in animals. Her breath of experience in depicting the movement of a Thoroughbred horse has made it possible for Alexa to elevate a two thousand pound 1.25 life size horse and jockey sculpture completely off the ground. Barbaro was finished and installed April 26, 2009 at Gate One, Churchill Downs.

29" x 28" x 24"

Sea Otters
10" x 8" x 6"

Red October
30" x 20" x 9"

In the Paddock
22" x 14" x 9 1/2"