Edward Troye


(American, 1808-1874)

America’s foremost 19th-Century horse painter, Troye was born in Switzerland.  He studied in England for six years before emigrating to the West Indies in 1828.  After several years in Jamaica, he went to work in the United States, for the most part in Philadelphia, Virginia and the South.  The portrait of American Eclipse is typical of his work.  The horse was named after, but was no relation to, Eclipse, the greatest English racehorse of the 18th Century.  American Eclipse gave his breeder such an impression of speed and energy when he was only five months old, that he was considered worthy to bear the name.  He proved to be almost invincible on the race course.  Images of American horses are very scarce.






              This extremely rare set of twenty hand-colored prints are after original paintings of Famous American Thoroughbreds by Troye.  The prints were published in a limited edition of 110 in 1932, by Gosden Head in New York, of which this is set number 11.  Each print is hand numbered and embossed with a medallion.  In 25 years, only one set has come to auction. 


          Note the exquisite Japanese vellum paper and the delicate but brilliant hand coloring.  The horses come to life in their background settings of landscapes, sunsets, stables, coaches, and liverymen.

Oil on Canvas 16" x 20-1/4" Sold

Oil on Canvas 28" x 22" Sold