Enrique Castro


(Argentinian, b. 1938)

Enrique Castro was born in Buenos Aires in December 1938.  He began drawing at 5 years of age.  He received his academic training with Miguel Caride, a famous Argentinean master.  He painted for the Tryon Gallery in London from 1979 until 1999. Castro received many important commissions, among them a picture of a champion mare belong to Bob Kieckeford, former President of the American Quarter Horse Association.  Castro’s works have appeared on the front covers of Anvil and Louisville Polo. Aside from painting, Castro bred polo ponies on his small farm for 20 years and also played polo.  He managed a racing horses stud farm with 3 stallions and over 60 broodmares and trained horses both for polo and racing, as well as becoming assistant to a vet. Castro’s subjects are racing, polo, stud scenes, dogs, mares and foals.  He is presently preparing scenes about training of thoroughbreds in Chantilly, France. 


Oil on Board 12" x 16"

Misty Early Morning in Chantilly
Oil on Board 14" x 20"

Oil on Board 16" x 12"

Neck and Neck
Oil on Board 10" x 14"

The Gallops- Chantilly
Oil on Board 14" x 20"

Back to the Box, Chantilly
Oil on Paper 12" x 16"