Heather St. Clair Davis


(British/American, 1937-1999)

Heather St Clair Davis was one of the most gifted artists and skilled horsewomen of her era. Born in Whittington, in the Cotswolds, Heather was brought up amid horses and art. After graduating in art at Cheltenham, she set out for America and eventually settled on a farm in Vermont. Over the years, she established a distinguished reputation as a leading equine artist. Heatherís outstanding ability as a painter of landscape and her professional knowledge of horses, gained at first hand over many years, were fundamental to her success as an artist.

She pursued an equally successful career as a horsewoman and was well known as an International and Three-Day Event Dressage Judge. She bred Event horses and in her fifties, courageously took up eventing once again to prove that one of her horses could be schooled for competition. A strong and vigorous outlook enabled her to pursue a life which wove together her two great skills and passions, for art and horses.

Heather taught art and painted for many years in America, but she returned to England for her best subjects: hunting scenes, racehorses exercising, the excitement of steeple-chasing or flat racing, horses hacking home after a morning ride or quietly grazing in a sweeping Gloucestershire landscape.

Her work was inspired and original, and for every painting she had a story. In a review of Heatherís second exhibition with Frost & Reed in London in 1989, Walter Summers wrote: Times change and in response produce the man or woman to record them. Edwards and Munnings have left the scene. On the evidence here, we need not fear a vacuum.

Davis died in 1999 and the headstone she designed simply says, "She tried."

Welsh Ponies
Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 Sold

Welsh Pony Show
Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" Sold