John Frederick Herring Jr.


(British, 1820-1907)

John Frederick Herring, Jr. was the son of well-known 19th century artist, John F. Herring, Sr., who was patronized by the English aristocracy for his famous Sporting and Equestrian paintings. Due to Herring, Sr.ís popularity among the nobles, Herring, Jr. was exposed to fine painting and wealthy patrons early on in his career. Herring, Sr. felt threatened by his sonís ability and growing popularity, incorporated ĎSRí at the end of his signature in order to differentiate their works after 1836. Although Herring, Jr. assisted his father, he was keen to make his own way as an artist. He continued to paint sporting animal pictures in his fatherís tradition, but as his artistic prowess developed, he was able to distinguish himself with looser brushwork and wider composition view. Herring married Kate Rolf, an artist herself and the daughter of Alexander Rolfe, who was also a famous English angling and sporting artist. The father and son in-law often collaborated in each otherís works. Herring exhibited at many of the major exhibition halls, including the Royal Academy.

Farmyard Study I
Watercolor 7" x 11" Sold

Farmyard Study II
Watercolor 7" x 11" Sold

A Peaceful Farmyard
Oil on Canvas 18-1/2 x 24-1/2 Sold

Beeswing, Queen of Trumps and Alice Hawthorne
29' x 54" Sold