Leesa Sandys-Lumsdaine


(British, 1936-1985)

Born in Malvern, Worcestershire, this painter spent her early life in India where her father was a tea merchant. She was educated at Lawnside, Worcestershire, and at Brilliantmont, Lausanne; then followed a slightly disillusioning year at Cheltenham Art College.


          Sandys-Lumsdaine’s first commission was a guinea pig, for a fee of one guinea. Since then she has had many celebrated horses as models including “Our Nobby”, “Nijinsky”, “Mill Reef”, “Arkle”, “What-a-Myth”, “Gay Trip”, “The Dickler”, “ESB” and “Nicholas Silver”. She has also painted MFHs and their families, champion greyhounds, hounds and stalking scenes.


Her sense of humor can be seen in her pictures of “The Bride” and “The Road Hog”, both reproduced as prints, as were her delightful “Saturday Night” and “Sunday Morning”, “Absolute Heaven”, and “Absolute Hell”, and “Summer Silks” and “Winter Woolies”.


She enjoyed painting all country subjects, normally working in oils on major works, but sometimes in watercolours for small animal scenes. She also did a little animal sculpture. She lived in a remote part of  the border, owned greyhounds and lurchers, and a variety of other animals, and hunted with the Duke of Buccleuch’s and the Lidderdale.

Lester Piggott on Ardros
20" x 24"