Lionel D. R. Edwards


(British, 1878-1966)

Born at Clifton, the son of a doctor from Chester, this painter's artistic talents came from his maternal Scottish grandmother Ann Robertson who was a pupil of Romney.  He studied under A.S. Cope at South Kensington, at Heatherleys, and with Calderon (q.v.).  He was greatly impressed with the work of Aime Morot. 

       A keen hunting man, he spent his life combining hunting and painting, and most of his pictures were worked from many sketches made on the spot. For six years he illustrated for The Graphic in London.  He then moved to the country and was able to make a living painting sporting pictures, and at the same time enjoy plenty of hunting.  Many prints were produced after his paintings; the early ones were of a caricature type, but as time progressed his work became more traditional. 

       He painted a series of pictures of named hunts entitled "Shires and Provinces", which were produced as limited edition prints.  Watercolor was his favorite medium, though he used oils more frequently in later life.  He often signed with a monogram.  His work was very sensitive showing a superb understanding of horses coupled with a great ability to paint fine landscapes and skies.  He also painted many portraits of racehorses and hunters. 

       After Munnings (q.v.), he was probably the most important sporting artist of the hunting field of the first half of the twentieth century.

The Fresh Team, Let Em Go and Take Care of Yourselves
Watercolor 14.5" x 20"

Among Men and Horses
Mixed Medium 13.5" x 10" Sold

Exmoor Mare and Foal
Pencil Sketch 5.5" x 10" Sold

Pencil Sketch 8.5" x 14" Sold

Aintree, 1922
Pencil Sketch 12 x 11-1/2 Sold

An Impression of Beechers
Pencil Sketch 12 x 11-1/2 Sold