Malcolm Coward SEA


(british, b. 1948)

Malcolm Coward S.E.A. is internationally recognized as one of England's leading equestrian artists. He has won numerous major prizes at The Society of Equestrian Artists including the President's medal- the premier medal and was awarded the honor of becoming S.E.A., a full member of The Society of Equestrian Artists. In 1996 Coward's painting of "Andalusian Summer" was selected from work of artist from the whole of Europe to be exhibited at the major equestrian exhibition held at the Cadre Noir in France. Many of his images have been published as limited edition prints. He has had several successful one man exhibitions in England and was featured in a TV programme on sporting paintings. His work has been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Stockholm and Verona.

Malcolm Coward was born in Malton in Yorkshire, the son of a farmer. He was educated at Dallas Road School, Lancaster, where he won the Reeves Nationwide Art Competition for Children. This was the first sign of an exceptional career to follow. His desire to paint was always so strong that despite leaving school at fifteen and taking up work as a laborer, he spent every spare moment studying, and his knowledge of art is extraordinarily deep. Coward now resides on a farm in England where he raises sheep and pigs as a hobby. He shares his studio with a half-dozen dogs. His finds his favorite models in his immediate surroundings. There is never a shortage of fowl, canine and equine characters to paint on the farm. Another favorite subject of Coward's are the "horse fairs" which are still held in the English countryside as they have been for hundreds of years. The gypsy ponies are the focal point in many of his paintings. He spends much of his time now traveling to different parts of the world, painting the unique breeds of horses to the regions.

While painting horses is his first love, he has proved himself to be an all-around artist and has attracted the acclaim of the artistic authorities outside the sporting art world.

Across the Hill
Oil on Canvas 13.5" x 49" sold