Neil Cawthorn


(British, b. 1936)

Born on May 28 th in Leicestershire, where his family has lived for some generations, Cawthorne’s interest in art first became apparent at the age of two and that in horses at four, but he did not begin painting seriously until in his late ‘twenties. Guidance came from the artist John Kenney during the first four years; early in his career he had a series of exhibitions in Leicestershire and more recently Newmarket and America, but now rarely exhibits as his commissions keep him totally employed. He has sold many works on both sides of the Atlantic, and a number have been reproduced as prints. His oil paintings have sold at the prestigious auction houses Sotheby’s and Christies. Hunting and racing are his main interests.

Horses Exercising on the Heath
Oil on Canvas 20" x 36"

A Furlong Out at Ascot
Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"