Peter Smith


(British, b. 1949)

Peter Smith was born in Lanarkshire in 1949 to an English mother and Scottish father. He feels that his artistic talents stem from his grandfather, who hailed from Portugal and who painted for most of his life. Smiths early interest in painting and art was matched by a passion for horses, so that as a child he always aspired to being an equestrian artist and his first drawing was of a horse.

He attended the Carlisle and Glasgow Art Schools and acknowledges that he admires a broad spectrum of artists, taking his inspiration from such diverse masters as Degas and Munnings. Their superb draftsmanship and their natural understanding of how to use paint, color and light undoubtedly influenced his painting. Peter has an uncanny eye for the detail of bone and muscle, based on his own extensive knowledge of how a horse moves and his well used copy of Stubbs' Anatomy of the Horse.


Smith now lives within five miles of Ayr Racecourse, where the open landscape creates a perfect atmosphere in which to find his inspiration. His models are horses from two local racing stables; he sets his paintings on the racecourse, in the paddock, over the gallops and on the vast sandy beaches where the trainers exercise their thoroughbreds. He paints both flat racing and steeplechasing, making sketches at Aintree, Newmarket and a number of other British racecourses, although he principally paints near to home, at Ayr and Hamilton Park.


Heavy Going, Ayr
Oil on Canvas 20" x 30" SOLD

Saratoga, the First Turn
Oil on Canvas 24" x 30" SOLD