Tanya Brett


(British, b. 1974)

Tanya Brett (b. 1974), a Foundation Course at Chelsea College of Art, London (1993-4), followed by Stone Carving at City and Guilds Art School, London (1995). She completed her Honours degree in Three-Dimensional Craft at the University of Brighton in 1999.

She works her medium quickly and spontaneously - the clay is wedged by hand to expel any air bubbles which can lead to sculptures exploding in the kiln. Then the surface is coiled, pinched and sculpted. The material can be anything - porcelain, paper-pulp, sawdust or straw, all mixed in with a grogged clay which creates the unique textures of the finished piece.  The added materials burn out in the firing and the added oxides burn in. Copper goes green, iron for red and manganese for black. The extremely high-firing in the kiln of 1280 degrees results in the original stoneware sculpture. Each piece has a unique treatment, some are painted in porcelain slip after a first firing, others left as they come out, and some have patina finishes added.

Great Dane

Horse II